gonna be fine  

 It‘s gonna be fine. even if you can’t see it right now. maybe you needed to hear this. „Gonna Be Fine“ is out now!
you can listen to our EP here.


WEZN are Paul and Maischa. Two musician who met in Bremen between student nights and rehearsal sessions where they discovered a shared passion for electronic music.
Two years later they began to write first songs and to play concerts within Germany.
The duo creates a big wall of sound by mixing
synthesizer sounds with acoustic drums and creating unique harmonies with emotional catchy melodies.
Between minimalism and extremes WEZN find their place between role models such as James Blake, AURORA or London Grammar.


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St. Katharina // Nürnberg // 19.06.21
Breminale Dezentral // Bremen // 21.06.21
Back to Dance // Hannover // 03.07.21

Honey Lake Sessions // Honigsee // 24.07.21
Break Out // Arsendorf // 29.07.21
Reeperbahn Festival // Hamburg // 23.09.21
CLUB100 Open Air Support Von Wegen Lisbeth // Blumenthal // 08.10.21

Most Wanted : Music Showcase // Berlin // 28.10.21
Schwankhalle // Bremen // 05.11.21


c / o pop Festival // Köln // 22.04.22
Rocken am Brocken // Elend bei Sorge // 06.08.22


 live dates